Clean power when and where you need it

Uncompromising Power

ZemQuest specializes in designing, manufacturing, and distributing Aluminum batteries (ZemCells). Our innovative technology allows for the emission-free operation of light to heavy machinery, without compromising on uptime, cost efficiency, or safety.

Benefits of Aluminum Batteries over Lithium-Ion

Won't explode or ignite if punctured or damaged.


Performance not affected by heat or cold.


Free from traditional battery metals such as lithium, nickel or cobalt.  


No CO2, nitrogen or other emissions during use or disposal.


No waiting to recharge, simply swap in a new ZemCell and keep your equipment running.


No dependence on a power grid, always have power no matter where you are.


The ZemCell has been designed with a modular power system in mind. Multiple ZemCells can be connected to your machine in order to provide the needed power and uptime. 

Power as a service explained

Learn how our Aluminum ZemCells technology can work for you.

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