Our Team

Erik de Haas

Chief Executive Officer

Erik de Haas is an accomplished director in the maritime and offshore industry with a proven track record in commercial and project management across diverse sectors. Known for his energy, fairness, and unwavering dedication, Erik excels at bridging the gap between aspirations and technical solutions. With exceptional storytelling abilities and keen analytical skills, Erik is able to dream big and translate that into achievable goals. This above all else makes Erik the driving force behind our startup's rapid growth.

Michiel Kruijff

Chief Technology Officer

Michiel Kruijff is an innovation executive with a PhD in Sustainability & Space Systems Engineering from the Delft University of Technology and a passion for elegant and sustainable solutions. With 25 years of leadership experience in hardware prototyping, quality system implementation, business planning and team growth, Michiel has the knowledge and drive to lead ZemQuest’s research and development to shift the boundaries of sustainable technology.

Sebastiaan Engelen

Technical Advisor

Sebastiaan, an aerospace engineer specializing in composite structures from TU Delft, started his career in prototype drone production for Airborne wind energy. He evolved into leading the design and production of 12m span drones. Today, he manages a workshop, crafting bespoke furniture, designing furniture industry tools, and collaborating with businesses on diverse prototype projects. He has a passion for hands on engineering and production and is always eager to learn new production processes himself.

David de Haas

Chief Marketing Officer

David de Haas is a creative leader with 15 years of marketing and project management experience in both the public and private sector. David believes in leading by example and combines his scientific approach with a passion for design to translate complex technical features into digestible benefits for users. This together with his positive attitude and networking skills makes David particularly effective to put ZemQuest on the global map.

Maria Kozlovskaya

Chief Financial  Officer

Maria has three Master degrees (incl. Accounting & Control, International Business Administration) and a wealth of international experience in companies such as PwC and AkzoNobel covering financial audit, forecasting and market strategy. This makes Maria is the right professional to navigate ZemQuest's financial challenges.

Cedric Boisdon

Technical Advisor

Cedric Boisdon is a pioneering autodidact who has channeled his passion for science into a career as a Research Engineer. His exceptional achievements in plasma physics, aerodynamics, and chemical detection have allowed him to contribute to the world of scientific knowledge while nurturing his lifelong curiosity. Cedric’s experience and solution-oriented thinking make him uniquely qualified to explore ZemQuest’s next generation engineering solutions.